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Design Overview

This page presents an overview on the software design of the backend system that manages different data entries and functions.

YalvLibDesign Overview.png


This is the top element of our architecture, it contains the repositories containing the LogEntries and the LogAnalyses that will come to decorate the data. The user will be able to create several LogAnalyses in order to display the same data but with a new decoration.


This class contains contains all the elements to build a layer that will enhance the view for the user.


Represent a source containing LogEntries can be xml or sql typed.


A log entry is one of the many entries that were logged in one or many log4net sessions running on multiple machines.


A marker is a visual element that draws the attention of the viewer towards a LogEntry that was marked by someone who reviewed the log session. There are text markers or color markers but these can be extended by other types of markers.

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