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YalvLib Namespaces and their Functions

This page contains an overview on the important namespaces in YalvLib, their public properties and members. The current layout represents the state of the dev branch as of 30.04.2013. Class diagrams were created with MiniUML from


The View namespace contains the classes that represent logdata in the Graphical User Interface (GUI). These classes interact with the user and can be manipulated via input devices (touch, keyboard, mouse etc). The YalvView class is a look less WPF control that can be used to implement a DataGrid:



The ViewModel classes represent the glue between model and view in a classic Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) implementation.

The FileLoad() method of the YalvViewModel class implements a log4net file load function through an internal LogFileLoader class which implements a progress viewmodel that is documented here:

The IsLoading property of the LogFileVM class indicates the time when log4net data is being loaded. The busy indicator control is bound to this property to block the GUI for the time of loading data.

The HasData property of the YalvViewModel class indicates whether there are any data rows for display or not. This property can be used to enable/disable controls in the GUI.


The ColumnItem class manages the layout properties for one column of the view display.


The model is the core data representation and its algorithms in a MVVM driven implementation.



The provider namespace contains classes that provide log4net data from several different sources (MS SQL Server, SQL Light, Xml etc).






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